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Friday, October 2, 2009

Twice the Fun!

Ginger and I were excited to spend most of Thursday with Clayton and Jackson Darby, our good friend's 4-year-old twin boys. We had a blast, and the boys were so well-behaved! The most precious thing about Clayton and Jackson is the fact that they LOVE Ginger!!! Their exact words every time they see her are, "Oh! Sweet baby Dinger Belle!!!" :) In fact, throughout the day one of the boys would go over to Ginger and rub her arm, head, or leg, and then the other would run over and say, "I want to pet Dinger Belle, too!" Could anything be any sweeter? :)

Sweet boys!

They begged me all day to take pictures of them with baby Dinger Belle

This is how I found Ginger right before I went to pick up the boys from preschool. She was laying there quietly and patiently while waiting on someone to rescue her. I think it's safe to say that she does not get her patience from me! :)

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