"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Decade!

Happy New Year!!! Where did 2009 go??? Oh yeah, I was taking care of an infant for half of it :) My sister-in-law asked me if I was going to call 2010, "Two thousand ten or twenty ten." I have no idea...guess whatever comes out. No matter how I refer to the year, I pray that God is as merciful and gracious to me and my family as he has been my previous 28 years!

Side note: Hutson's sister, Shirlianne, is behind Ginger, so that is her long blonde hair hanging past Ginger's ears. We have not suddenly grown shoulder-length hair!

Christmas 2009

This year Christmas was both wonderful and crazy! It was wonderful because it was Ginger's first Christmas. She started crawling a few days before Christmas, so she was full throttle when it came to going after her presents...so much fun to watch!!! It was crazy because we were in the middle of moving. (I do not recommend relocating during the holidays!) Despite everything being so hectic, this will definitely be a Christmas to remember!

Warning: Lots of pictures to follow! (I mean...hello...I haven't posted in 3 weeks! And you know I take pictures like a crazy soccer mom! :)

Crawling to see what Santa brought.

Ginger with her stroller/walker.

Santa was good to Ginger Belle!

Hutson putting together his first Christmas toy as a Daddy! He was so proud! :)

Papaw and Mamaw with the photo album of "Ginger" pics that we gave them.

Mamaw Ginger and Baby Ginger

Hutson put her hair up like this! Cute!

Ginger with some of her cousins...Ashley, Lauren, Nikki, and Alex

Finally...a family picture! I'm usually behind the camera.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Big News!


I have to admit that I'm not doing toe touches and cartwheels like I thought I would be if this day ever came. I have been so homesick for our family and friends, but God has been faithful and filled the void with new church family and friends. This news is very bitter-sweet to me. If Hutson would have given me this news last year, I would've run from Greenville like it was on fire (seriously!) :) but after meeting so many wonderful people here it will be hard to leave them without shedding a tear!

I ask for prayers as we make this transition in our life. We will either be living in Eupora or Ackerman, and Hutson will be working at the Starkville Eyedeal Optical. I feel very confident that God will open doors for us as we search for His will in this process.

I couldn't help but include this picture! Love her blue eyes!!!