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Saturday, November 21, 2009


We have had a scary couple of days with Ginger. On Wednesday night, I noticed that she was not breathing normal. Her breaths were very shallow, and she was struggling to get them. We took her to the ER and found out that she had RSV, so the doctor admitted her. By Thursday night, she was no better and not receiving the level of care that we believed she should be getting. Her little heart was beating anywhere from 176 to 190, and her oxygen was still too low to have been under the oxygen tent for several hours. We were transported to Le Bonheur in Memphis, and once Ginger was in their care, she immediately began getting better. On top of RSV, she had become dehydrated (from the lack of IV fluids at previous hospital)! But we are now home and Ginger is back to her usual happy little self! (I'm sure I was supposed to include some commas in that sentence somewhere, but I'm really tired.) We praise God for her speedy recovery and are completely and totally impressed with Le Bonheur...wonderful hospital!!!

Although she was very sick, she was playful and happy the whole time.

(Her leg was not broken! The nurses put a cast on her to keep her from pulling out her IV.)

Sweet baby!


Hope said...

Oh my goodness! I am so happy that sweet Ginger is better now! I will still keep y'all in my prayers! She is just precious.

Shelly said...

How scary! Glad she is OK.

By the way - I check your blog every now and then to keep up with your sweet girl, since she is the same age as mine.