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Monday, November 21, 2011

Not So Traditional

Hutson hates that we have colored lights on our tree and that I put it up before Thanksgiving, BUT he helps me year after year to get it all done before it's "traditionally" okay to do so. Love him! (I'm Team Hutson!! Have you seen Breaking Dawn? This statement will make him cringe and roll his eyes so hard he will probably hurt himself.) I'm off for the week of Thanksgiving (woo hoo!!), and like any other "mother of the year" type, I sent Ginger to daycare so that I could tackle many projects that I have been putting off. Before you go to judging me :) please know that I used the time to get our tree up so that I could surprise G with it! She LOVES it and keeps asking, "Mommy, you put the tree up for me?!" Preciousness!!

Completely enthralled in all of the different ornaments!

I purposefully put these ornaments side by side. We are a family divided! I love the Rebels (that's right, I said Rebels...pooey on Black Bears!!), and Hutson loves those stinky bulldogs (as G calls them when her father isn't around) :)

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The Andersons said...

LOL...your "mother of the year" comment cracked me up. I would be doing the same thing, sister! :)