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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Growing Up

My child is growing up, and it's so hard to believe!!

Here are just a few things that she is into these days:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- her favorites are Mickey (of course), MeMe Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Goosey Dog (other wise known as Goofy)
  • Elmo- Is it okay if I say he is totally annoying but totally worth it because he can hold her attention for a long time?
  • Speaking in phrases (and pretty good ones might I add!)- She called me the other night from my parents and said, "I miss you good!" Be still my heart!! :) She will repeat anything and everything you say, so be careful!!
  • She hates being in a wet or dirty diaper. I fear this could be the beginning of the dreaded potty training. She will come to me and say, "I nasty." Not my favorite thing for her to say, but it gets the point across.
  • Frosty!! Yes, it is after Christmas, but the girl is still obsessed with this snowman. Help!!!
  • Dancing!! My favorite times with her are cranking up one of Mercy Me's albums and dancing in the kitchen. She's so much fun!!

one Sunday morning before church

In just three short months she will be 2!! Unbelievable!!

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