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Thursday, November 4, 2010

18 Months

Ginger Belle will be 18 months on November 6. Time flies!! It seems like yesterday that I was mixing up bottles every four hours. She is a delight. She is hilarious. She is a pure example of God's love!!
Halloween 2010
(I can't get enough of the sweet gap!)

Did I mention that she is silly? This is what I turned around to find one night while driving home.

18 Facts about Ginger Belle...

1. She loves to eat. The apple didn't fall far from that tree.
2. She loves to point out her body parts and will proudly find your bellybutton for you.
3. She calls her pacifier "Patsy." Love it!
4. She loves to have her teeth brushed. Every morning after she gets her clothes on and every night after she gets out of the tub she hollers, "Teeth! Teeth!"
5. She can name many family members and loves to tell everyone that she is "Ginger/Ginder."
6. She can say her ABC's. Well, kind of. It goes something like this: "ABCDDG." It's a start!
7. She loves to dance!!
8. She tells everyone (and I mean everyone) "Bye Bye" as we are leaving any establishment. Her "bye bye" has a huge stress on the long "e" :)
9. She can throw a temper tantrum to rival all others.
10. She laughs when I whip her. Not a good sign for the future, people.
11. She points to the sky when you ask her where Jesus is.
12. She knows many animal sounds: turkey, duck, dog, tiger, horse, cat...
13. She follows commands wonderfully! I use this to my advantage when cleaning up the living room. I also love to have her pound on Hutson's office door until he comes out when I need something.
14. She can identify some landmarks while I am driving. As we are pulling into my parents' town, she starts shouting, "Papa Cool! Papa Cool!"
15. She loves to tote around a cell phone and talk on it. Once again with the apple and the tree.
16. She wears 2T clothes now, a size 4 diaper, a size 5 shoe and weighs 25 pounds.
17. She is fearless! This is definitely not passed down from me.
18. She loves to give sugar! She will kiss anybody on the lips, so if you ask for kisses, just get ready!

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The Andersons said...

Love how she calls her pacifier "Patsy"!!! Sooooo cute! Have a super weekend!!