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Saturday, February 6, 2010

9 Months!

How in the world is Ginger Belle Ford 9 months already?!?! She is so silly and funny, and we are having so much fun being her parents. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...we are so very blessed to have her as our daughter!

Here are a few things little Miss Priss is up to these days:

  • standing by herself and clapping (maybe she will take that first step pretty soon)
  • crawling like a champ!
  • eating baby food but preferring table food
  • taking only 2 naps a day now :(
  • waking up around 6:30 and going to bed around 8
  • wearing a size 5 diaper...i know, i know...she's just fluffy :)
  • sporting 3 teeth on the bottom and 2 teeth on the top (fyi: her 2 teeth on top are her "vampire" teeth...too much Twilight during pregnancy? hmm...)
  • wearing 9-12 month clothes
  • pitching fits when she doesn't get her way...I am totally being paid back for talking about different people's out of control children!
  • saying "da da daddy" (She was saying "ma ma ma ma" around 6 months but apparently forgot how to say it once she learned "da da"...so sad!)
  • playing peek-a-boo by sticking her face in her shirt and pulling it out when we say, "Where's Ginger?"
  • making us fall even more in love with her every day!

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Shelly said...

I can't believe she's standing alone! What a big girl...won't be long until she takes off!