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Friday, August 28, 2009

Poor, Innocent Evie

Poor thing never stood a chance.

She screamed the entire time she was attacking Evie.

Apparently, they had reconciled their differences by the next morning.

There is a sweet, innocent stuffed lamb at my parents' house named Evie that Mama bought for Ginger to play with. I think she's adorable; Mama thinks she's precious, but she has apparently gotten on Ginger's bad side (as you can tell from the pictures). Thursday night Ginger threw a temper tantrum to rival all temper tantrums ever thrown, and poor Evie got the brunt of it. Evie survived , but I don't think we will leave her in Ginger's crib overnight!

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Anonymous said...

This is darling. Daddy and I looked at Evie in the crib today and had to laugh all over again.
Love ya, Mama (aka Bella)